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About Integra Strategies

At Integra Strategies, we're dedicated to building long-term partnerships.


We work closely with clients to develop waste management strategies that deliver results. Committed to sustainability, we strive for innovative ways to reduce waste and increase recycling.


Integra Strategies was founded by Eddie Blake with a clear mission - to revolutionize waste management across industries. Armed with extensive expertise and a team of professionals, Eddie understood that each industry presents unique waste management challenges. His solution? Customized waste strategies tailor-made for every client. At Integra Strategies, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We dig deep to understand the specific waste management needs and requirements of our clients. Then, we offer full-scale waste management services, focusing on efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainable practices. Our comprehensive offerings include waste pickup and disposal, equipment rental and leasing, as well as maintenance and repair of waste management equipment. We also perform in-depth waste audits to identify areas of inefficiency and potential improvement, continuously striving for innovation in waste reduction and increased recycling. At the core of our business is a commitment to building lasting partnerships with our clients. We work hand-in-hand with each client to develop a waste management strategy that fits their needs, providing continuous support and monitoring to ensure ongoing results. Under Eddie's leadership, our goal is to help our clients reduce waste, cut costs, and create cleaner, healthier environments for their employees and customers. We believe in a sustainable future and we're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact on the journey there.

Some of Our Clients

Our Process

Working with Integra Strategies is easy:

Step 1  —

Schedule a Consultation

Start your journey towards more efficient waste management by scheduling a consultation with us. At your convenience, our team will discuss your unique waste management challenges and understand your specific needs and requirements.

Step 2  —

Complete Your Complementary Waste Audit

Once we have a firm understanding of your business and its waste management needs, our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive waste audit. This involves assessing your current waste management practices, identifying inefficiencies, and finding opportunities for cost reduction and improved sustainability.

Step 3 —

Implement Your Solution

Based on the findings from the waste audit, we'll work with you to develop and implement a customized waste management solution. Our solutions are designed to reduce waste, cut costs, increase recycling, and enhance sustainability, while meeting your specific needs and requirements.

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